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The Community Academy Microschool

In the Fall of 2022, students in grades K-8 will have the opportunity to become deeply connected to their peers, their teachers, and their community through an immersive community-project-driven educational experience. Learning is through personalized, interdisciplinary, place-based, nature-focused projects and experiences that foster relationships, critical thinking, and citizenship.

The Community Academy Microschool is an independent private school, that will add a grade level in each of the subsequent school years, so that students will be able to attend until they graduate.

Annual Tuition

Due to recent generous donations, tuition rates for TCA students will range from $5,900 to $14,900 per year ($492 – $1,242 per month), depending on a families financial situation and other factors.

Families qualify for tuition rates by submitting a financial aid application. 

Family Income is calculated through our Financial Aid Service, and is roughly equal to line 9 on the families tax return, without negative business income included. Although the Financial Aid Service calculates an estimated family need based on many factors including assets, debts, etc.

Here is an overview of the Student Admissions Process

1. Before You Apply: Learn more about what The Community Academy Microschool will be like in our first year, what we’re striving for as we evolve, and how your student will fit. We also have scheduled several virtual Q&A sessions that you can attend to learn more about TCA Microschool and get specific questions answered.
2. TCA Microschool Application: Family submits an application and pays the one-time application fee ($55/student). Within 3 business days, we will respond with a link to a required survey for your child’s current teacher.
3. Tuition Assistance: If requested in your initial application, our response email will include the code and login information to access the tuition assistance portal, Financial Assistance Independent Review, Inc (FAIR). This third party service collects a fee of $33/family, regardless of the number of students applying. Fundraising is an ongoing process, and we hope to offer support to as many families as possible. FAIR evaluates your family’s financial status based on your income, tax return, assets and other documentation. You may qualify for a reduced annual tuition rate in Tiers 2 through 5 and additional assistance may be available to families in Tiers 3 through 5. Due to many variables in the application and enrollment process, TCA is unable to make predictions regarding your family’s cost. Families who do not request tuition assistance, or decide not to complete the FAIR application, will be charged the Tier 1 tuition rate.
4. Application Reviewed: Your child’s application will be reviewed by staff only after the TCA Microschool Application, Teacher Survey, and the tuition assistance application, (if applicable), have been fully processed. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis through April 25, 2022 or until all 90 spots are filled. After we review your application and teacher survey, you will receive an email from us about your next steps, which may include a virtual or in-person session with TCA staff.
5. Enrollment Decision: Within 90 days of receiving all application materials, we will issue you a decision letter. Our goal is to establish a school that has a balanced population reflecting our overall community. In order to achieve this, our enrollment decisions will be determined by the following priorities: Current TCA students, Current TCA siblings, Current TCA staff children, Years of enrollment the family has in TCA programming, and other factors that will uphold our values of equity, inclusion, and diversity.
  • Admission Offered: If your child is offered a spot in The Community Academy Microschool, we will issue you an Enrollment Contract and your tuition assistance amount (if applicable).
  • Waiting List Notification: If your child is accepted, but we do not currently have an opening for your child, you will be placed on the waiting list.
  • Admission Denied: If your child is not accepted for admission, you will be refunded your $55 application fee.
6. Family Decision: If your child is accepted and you wish to commit to attending The Community Academy Microschool, you have 14 days to return the enclosed Enrollment Contract and a check for 1/10 of your annual tuition balance due (amount included in your Enrollment Contract). If you choose not to enroll, the initial $55 application fee is forfeited.